August 20th, 2014

llywela13 replied to your post “happy birthday!”

oh you had a birthday? Happy birthday!

Yep, it was the 19th. Birthdays aren’t really a big thing in my family so it wasn’t that mcuh for me outside of going ‘yo, it’s my birthday.’

August 19th, 2014

happy birthday!
Asketh - zestyscott

Thank you!

flarespark replied to your post “flarespark replied to your post “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!! MAY ALL UR…”

it’s like a kind of casual larping event? basically a bunch of people r getting together to play a google map-based video game that’s like capture the flag (the game is called Ingress their youtube trailer does a better job than i can XD) :DDD

That sounds awesome. Have fun!

flarespark replied to your post “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!! MAY ALL UR DREAMS COME TRUE ;D”

im going back on sunday. saturday im going downtown for an event. WITH PEOPLE :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Whaaaaaaaa look at you being a senior and going back so fashionably late. What are you going to, btw? (And yeah for things with people! I wish I could say the same)

Happy birthday you monkey-flipper!
Asketh - geeneelee

Thank you!

happy birthday! :)
Asketh - loomling

Thank you!

Asketh - flarespark

Thank you, Lauren!

happy birthday :)
Asketh - charleytimelord

Thank you!

heathcliffswindow replied to your photoset “It’s my birthday today, and I was not expecting one, let alone TWO…”

Happy birthday Colleen! <3

Thank you, Muriel!

Happy birthday!
Asketh - Anonymous

Thank you, Grey Face!